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last night, around 3am, i had sex with my boyfriend.. we were using condoms, but after he came and pulled out-- the condom was nowhere in sight. turns out it was still inside me... leaking, definitely... so much.

we went to the pharmacy, and i took ecp around 1pm today. i'm just really worried because my cycle has been irregular lately-- last month my period was a week late, and the month before it was a week early.

the last time i had my period was july 30th... i'm in the typical 'fertile' time?

after my period was a week late last month, i went through a pregnancy scare; i started taking the pill (loestrin24) on august 6th (5 days ago). the pamphlet says it's not effective until 7 days after, and my doctor said it wouldn't be effective until 14 days after... so i guess i just have to hope the ecp works. and deal with another stressful  month of waiting for my period / waiting to take a pregnancy test.

and i'm just so scared of ECP being ineffective -- there were ~12 hours between him ejaculating inside of me and me taking the pill -- and for all i know, and it's actually pretty likely, that i'm ovulating. and ECP does very little after the egg has been fertilized?

the statistics of 95% effective within a 24-hour window are very reassuring but i still... am just freaking out. i just want everything to be okay. i guess i just wanted some advice / reassurance (but only if it's accurate!). thanks so much.
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