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Condom broke - Please I need advice or opinions!!

My boyfriend and I were having sex tonight (or last night, July 6) and the condom broke, on the side. We both heard the pop and I quickly got off and we stopped. He had used the bathroom before we started so I am hoping there was not a lot of sperm in the condom, he didn't ejaculate.
We ran to the store and I bought something that has spermicide to prevent pregnancy but it's supposed to be used before sex not after, I still used it anyway.

My period hasn't been regular but my calendar shows I might be ovulating in 3-4 days, which scares me.
As for plan B, I do not have the money to get it. I am also not on birth control.

Any advice, help, or stories of people with this experience would be greatly appreciated. I am very worried, thanks!
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